Protection is more than just an alarm sounding if someone is trying to break in, we look at your property as a whole and can protect all areas. Therefore, we have partnered with the best security manufactures out there! Here at Juno Security, we understand that what may be right for you, could be wrong for someone else. We offer a wide range of systems and devices that work together to keep you protected.


Turn your home into a SMART HOME. Want to update your home with the most secure and up to date automation? Look no further! We have a wide range of products to suit all your needs. With mobile app, professional installation, and certified devices, you can now control your alarm system, doors, lights, temperature, garage doors, blinds, and much more! Do not just control your home, save energy too! With Geo-fencing capabilities, and scene creations, the possibilities are endless.

Mobile Apps

Smart Security Mobile App. Peace of mind in your pocket.

Whether you are heading to the office for a few hours or going on a long vacation overseas, Security mobile app will always let you know what is happening with your home security system. Get real-time alerts for your home security sensors via text, email, or phone call.

Our mobile apps will enable you to arm your system and review your cameras remotely. With the mobile apps added to your protection package, you will receive notifications and alerts from your devices at the swipe of a finger!

Doorbell Cameras

While traditional home security systems like alarm systems and video surveillance are excellent deterrents for crime, Doorbell cameras combine the best features of audio and video surveillance – all on your front step. Doorbell cameras allow you to:

  • Answer the Door From Anywhere
  • Contactless communication from anywhere
  • Video confirmation of deliveries
  • Screen visitors

By connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi, Doorbell cameras can notify you when you have a guest at your front door. See who is there, talk to them, and answer the door from anywhere you are right on your smartphone. They make answering your door easy, convenient, and safe! Never answer your front door without verifying who is there ever again.

Security Cameras

Residential surveillance systems can help protect your property from theft and damages caused by those who would see your property as an easy target. Surveillance systems are a deterrent that will not only prevent crimes before they happen, but that will capture evidence of them in the process. 

Every single homeowner needs a surveillance system if they want to ensure that their property is protected against theft, vandalism, and unwanted intruders. With the latest surveillance systems from Juno Security, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are always watching over your property and your loved ones.

Environmental Devices

Smoke, CO Detector

Keep your loved ones and pets safe with a monitored smoke/CO detection. If ever alarmed, the system will sound an alarm warning you and your family. Our monitoring station will call you in case you do not wake or to alert you if you are not home. As well, they will call the fire department immediately, saving you time and lessening the damages to your home with quick response times.

Flood Detector

Never fall victim to another flood in your home with this monitored flood detector. Typically placed near water tanks, dishwashers, washing machines and under sinks, this handy device will alarm at the first sign of a leak. This tiny and inexpensive device can save you a lot of money in water damages. and insurance claims.

Low Temp Detector

These handy devices warn you if your home temperature reaches a dangerous low temperature. If your home temperature drops too low, your pipes could start freezing causing thousands of dollar’s worth of damages. This device will sound an alarm, giving you more time to check your furnace or have a professional look at it before any damage is done.